2009 Awards

SOS (Save our Soldier) project of the Ladd Community Improvement Association

The Ladd Community Improvement Association was recognized for the Save our Soldier project that resored the local World War I veterans’ memorial. The figure of a US soldier surmounts the monument and over the years the statue had become disfigured due to weather, time and vandalism. The local group worked to bring the community together to restore the statue to its former glory.

Gary Kull

Gary Kull a business owner in the village of Strasburg wanted change for his community. He wanted new residents, more businesses and more opportunities for young people. He brought the MAPPING program to the city council and spearheaded the effort to bring MAPPING to Strasburg. He was instrumental in getting SCAN (The Strasburg Community Action Network) organized, starting some annual fundraisers, setting up a community fund, advocating for the establishment of a TIF district and more.

ICCS in Honor of Joe Dunn

Former executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Community Services, Joe Dun, worked for the citizens in rural and underserved communities around the state. His passing in 2009 was a great loss for the state. He was a friend to the MAPPING program and the Institute for Rural Affairs as well as a friend to rural Illinois.

Colchester Community Connections

This vision to action award recognizes the ability of the city of colchester to come together to build a new playground in their community. The 2004 MAPPING update recognized recreational opportunities for children as a high priority goal. The Colchester Community Connections group raised the $24,000 to purchase the equipment and recruited the 35 volunteers to build the playground.