2010 Awards


Gnome News

Denny Rewerts (Stark County)

Stark County has found a tireless friend and advocate in Denny Rewerts. Denny is a vital part of economic and community development efforts in the county working on projects from setting up a community foundation to assisting with the MAPPING program in Stark County, or reopening a grocery store in Toulon or developing a a new agricultural museum.

Carthage Charger Center Auditorium Project

Carl Sandburg College partnered with the City of Carthage, Carthage Vet Service, and Prairieland Investment Group to create the Carthage Charger Center Auditorium. This 3 million dollar project is part of long range redevelopment plan for Carthage.


The community of Dwight came together in an innovative fashion to do some fundraising to support the efforts of their MAPPING team. The First National Bank of Dwight loaned 34 participants $50 each and they were charged with the task of using that as seed money for a fundraiser. The participants came up with a wide range of projects from raffles to selling wooden flower planters to a bowlerama at the local bowling alley. The fundraiser was success after the loans were paid off Dwight had $3,500 to use towards projects.